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Friday, August 2, 2019

Airtel 5GB free!


Airtel now offer 5GB anytime data when update the sim.

Its not fake go to the nearest airtel customer centre and upgrade your sim and get 5GB anytime data for 14 days.

How to get 5GB data.

Go to the nearest airtel customer care centre with your NIC and Update your sim,  then automatically receive 5GB free data.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Enable HTTPS to Blogger custom domain!


Advantages of using HTTPS in your Website.

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
  • Your Blog or website look more professional 
  • SSL connections is help to easy to connect the website to your visitor
  • HTTPS helps to increase your search engine ranking and Alexa ranking.
  • Your website or blog load fast compare with HTTP.
The significant benefit of using HTTPS is the increase in SERP ranking, and Google will rank the 30% of the websites on the first page which are SSL certified, so you have a great chance to make your blog more SEO optimize and beat your competitors.

How to Get SSL Certificate (HTTPS) For your Blogger custom Domain. 

1. Open your Blogger Dashboard

2.Go to settings>>Basic and Check the HTTPS availability

3. Now reload your page and open your website.

*So friends this is a official way to enable HTTPS.

By.Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

Friday, October 19, 2018

Mobitel 15GB for Just 65 Rs!

Hello Stuwxy Tricks Visitors..!

This article is will explain the new Mobitel data package. That is 15GB plan for just 65 rupees.

OK lets see how to activate this plan.

1.First you need to Download Datamart App.. 

Click the link

 2. Install the app and open..now you can see the home menu..

3.Now you can see the 65 Rupees package then activate the package.and enjoy.

4.This is my Package.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

How to Get Organic Traffic to My Blogger


Hello Friends. This article will teach you How to get organic traffic to your Blogger Blog or Website. There are so many ways to grow your audience, I will tell one by one.

1.Search engine optimization

Its means let the Search engines to find your Website. The world best search engines Google Yahoo and Bing. So submit your website to the Search engine and they review your site and accept all posts and search engine will so your post for the public. How to Submit your Blog to Search engines. Go to following link and Submit your Site.

Google- Google Search Console
Yahoo & Bing-Bing Webmaster Tools

Open the link and Sign in or Sign up and Submit your site then they will give the HTML code for verification and add the code in your website head they will so your article. This is the very powerful tool for get Traffic.

2.Comment Your Website link in to Famous Website

This is very easy way to grow your Traffic. Its means copy and paste because you are reading a good article in famous website do you like that article, First you copy your website link and comment like this <I have write article like this its have more details for this topic so this is the link go and check> so the visitors some times go and see your article.

3.Promote Ad-words/Facebook

This is will cost you, Promote your contents with Facebook or google its call paid advertisement, but its very profitable one. some famous brand or companies doing like this. But its not suitable for normal bloggers. But do you want more traffic within similar times you can choose this way.

4.Write Post Consistently

This is rule of Blogging write every day in your blog it will help you to attract your visitors to  come and check your website every day, So don't forget to write post consistently.

5.Guest Post

Add the Button in your Blog like 'Send your Article' it means the visitors article will be published in my blog with Him/Her name so the the visitor think like friendly website. So every day they will check their articles. Its will help you to Grow your audience.

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Youtube Monetization Srilanka - 2018


Hello Srilankan Youtubers.

I like to share with my experience in Youtube Monetization Srilanka. Because i'm a Srilankan Youtuber..

Recently i have received e-mail from Youtube team. The mail fully  describe about channel Monetization qualities.That means Youtube Partner Program updated their new Privacy and Policy. 

I have attached my email screenshot.

Youtube upgarded their rules because maintaining the standard..
Finally the Youtube  asking.

1.4000 Hours watch time
2.1000 Subcribers

When you reach the 4000Hours watch time and1000 Subcribers Youtube atomatically ask the monetization..

So Keep Youtubing.

thank you for visiting..   
By.Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Get free 500MB with Airtel


How to Get free 500MB with Airtel

Dear Friends today i'm gonna tell you "How to Get free 500MB with My airtel app" its very easy to do.

Step 1 

First go to Play store or app store in your mobile and download my airtel app
and install it.

Step 2

Then open the app and add your airtel phone number and NIC number etc.

Step 3

Now airtel will give you 500MB within 72 hours with 40% faster internet.Enjoy the Gift friends

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

How to Receive Payments with PayPal in Srilanka


How to Receive Payments with PayPal in Srilanka  

Dear Friends! Why do you reading this post because you need to get the payment with paypal but you can't receive funds in Srilankan paypal account. I'm also same, my so many funds wasted with this issue.

So i was found the way to receive paypal funds Srilankan web developers. Please follow the steps and do like this Then get receive funds..Good Luck Friends

Step 1

First you need to open Browser(Google Chrome is Best) and go Paypal Malaysian Website or click this link PayPal Malaysia

Step 2

Then click signup and Choose "Receive Payments with Paypal" Then get Started.

Step 3

Now you need to fill the blanks with your details( email,first name,last name,username,password) and the most important the phone number-add fake phone number or skip it.

Step 4

Then Verify your email address..when your account 50% conformed now "you need a Commercial Bank or HNB Bank Debit or Master card."

Step 5

Now click "Add card" Button and enter your card details and conform it.Now your account fully activated, Now you can receive funds and withdraw money with your card.Its very easy to do..

If you have any doubts comment me contact me with email.

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

Friday, July 14, 2017

Most Important Windows Command Keys


·         devmgmt.msc  Device Manager
·         msinfo32  System Information
·         cleanmgr  Disk Cleanup
·         ntbackup  Backup or Restore Wizard (Windows Backup Utility)
·         mmc  Microsoft Management Console
·         excel  Microsoft Excel (If Installed)
·         msaccess  Microsoft Access (If Installed)
·         powerpnt  Microsoft PowerPoint (If Installed)
·         winword  Microsoft Word (If Installed)
·         frontpg  Microsoft FrontPage (If Installed)
·         notepad  Notepad
·         wordpad — WordPad
·         calc  Calculator
·         msmsgs  Windows Messenger
·         mspaint  Microsoft Paint
·         wmplayer  Windows Media Player
·         rstrui  System Restore
·         netscp6 — Netscape 6.x
·         netscp  Netscape 7.x
·         netscape  Netscape 4.x
·         waol  America Online
·         control  Opens the Control Panel
·         control printers  Opens the Printers Dialog
·         cmd — Command Prompt
·         iexplore + "web address"  Internet Explorer
·         compmgmt.msc  Computer Management
·         dhcpmgmt.msc  DHCP Management
·         dnsmgmt.msc  DNS Management
·         services.msc — Services
·         eventvwr  Event Viewer
·         dsa.msc  Active Directory Users and Computers

·         dssite.msc  Active Directory Sites and Services

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

Basic PC Shortcut Key With Description


Windows Shotcut Keys

Windows key + R — Run menu
Windows key + E  Explorer

ALT + Tab  Switch between windows

ALT + Space + X  Maximize window

CTRL + Shift + Esc  Task Manager

Windows key + Break  System properties

Windows key + F  Search

Windows key + D  Hide/Display all windows

CTRL + C  Copy

CTRL + X  Cut

CTRL + V  Paste

Keyboard Shortcuts in Window

[Alt] + [Esc]  Switch between running applications
[Alt] + letter  Select menu item by underlined letter

[Ctrl] + [Esc]  Open Program Menu

[Ctrl] + [F4]  Close active document or group windows (does not work with some applications)

[Alt] + [F4]  Quit active application or close current window

[Alt] + [-]  Open Control menu for active document

Ctrl] Lft. + Rt. arrow  Move cursor forward or back one word

Ctrl] Up + Down arrow  Move cursor forward or back one paragraph

[F1]  Open Help for active application

Windows + M  Minimize all open windows

Shift+Windows + M  Undo minimize all open windows

Windows + F1  Open Windows Help

Accessability Shortcuts

Right SHIFT for eight seconds — Switch FilterKeys on and off
Left ALT + left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN  Switch High Contrast on and off
Left ALT + left SHIFT +NUM LOCK  Switch MouseKeys on and off
SHIFT five times  Switch StickyKeys on and 
NUM LOCK for five seconds  Switch ToggleKeys on and off

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

How to Create Gmail Account


Hello Stuwxy Tricks readers this article is about how to create gmail account..Please follow the steps.

1.Step-First open your browser then go to the goole.com home page.and type in google    search bar like this "Create new gmail account"

2.Step-Now you can see so many results then click suitable link"gmail.com" now you can see gmail.com official home page then click "Create an account"

3.Step-This time new account need some information about you,fill the blanks with your  true data..

.First name 
.Last name
.User name
.Create Password & conform password
.Mobile Number

4.Step-To get the next step we need to accept google privacy policy terms,Read that     carefully and click "Agree"

5.Step-Now Goole ask your mobile number verification select text or call metthod and Click continue.

6.Step-Then you will receve a text message from google with some numbers.then enter    the numbers in the verication box cilck continue.

7.Step-Now your Gmail account Craeted succesfully.

By.Suvalashan Vijayanayaham