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Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to increese Youtube views and make money

How to increese Youtube views and make money

How to increese Youtube views and make money

Youtube is most important platform today.it is a most popular money earning site.some youtubers earning thousand of dollars every month.this article about how to get many youtube views and earn money.Read and follow the article.

1.Make your Channel attract viewsrs.

It's very important to get views,and link your channel in to social networks.and add little information about you because we are using Youtube as a source of bussiness.

2.Upload your own videos.

Don't upload downloaded and not copyrighted video because youtube don't allow to make money for this videos.so upload your own videos and make money.

3.Upload a decent video

You don' become a proffessional video maker to make youtube video in popular in youtube,but make your video decent and qoality.check your video audio and video quality.

4.Share your videos in Social medias

Its a very important way to get many views.social media sharing is never ending chain,witch promotes your video on automation.

5.Posting Method

Post one video a week.this is not increase your views but your subcripers and viewrs can visit

6.Make your video searchable on search engines.

its very important to find your videos.so to make your video searchable make the title and insert keywords in your video.

                 By Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

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