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Monday, January 2, 2017

How to add Facebook comment plugin to Blogger


Recently Facebook developers team have released comment plugin Blogger,Wordpress and etc,facebook comment plugin is very easy to comment with their facebook account,and Facebook comment box is better then blogger comment system.now i'm gonna show you how to add Facebook comment plugin in your blog.Just follow the steps.

Step 1-Sign in your blogger account and go to'Template' →  'Edit HTML'

Step 2-Now you can see the following screen,Then press 'Ctrl+F' in your keyboard

Step 3-Then Search the code '

Step 4-Then paste the following html code after the body like this following picture

Step 5-Save the template and search another code''then add this code under the following HTML code.

Step 5-Woow its done,now save the template and you to see your blog,your blog show the facebook comment box.

Thank you for visiting any problam comment under the comment box.

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

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