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Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Receive Payments with PayPal in Srilanka


How to Receive Payments with PayPal in Srilanka  

Dear Friends! Why do you reading this post because you need to get the payment with paypal but you can't receive funds in Srilankan paypal account. I'm also same, my so many funds wasted with this issue.

So i was found the way to receive paypal funds Srilankan web developers. Please follow the steps and do like this Then get receive funds..Good Luck Friends

Step 1

First you need to open Browser(Google Chrome is Best) and go Paypal Malaysian Website or click this link PayPal Malaysia

Step 2

Then click signup and Choose "Receive Payments with Paypal" Then get Started.

Step 3

Now you need to fill the blanks with your details( email,first name,last name,username,password) and the most important the phone number-add fake phone number or skip it.

Step 4

Then Verify your email address..when your account 50% conformed now "you need a Commercial Bank or HNB Bank Debit or Master card."

Step 5

Now click "Add card" Button and enter your card details and conform it.Now your account fully activated, Now you can receive funds and withdraw money with your card.Its very easy to do..

If you have any doubts comment me contact me with email.

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

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