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Thursday, May 3, 2018

How to Get Organic Traffic to My Blogger


Hello Friends. This article will teach you How to get organic traffic to your Blogger Blog or Website. There are so many ways to grow your audience, I will tell one by one.

1.Search engine optimization

Its means let the Search engines to find your Website. The world best search engines Google Yahoo and Bing. So submit your website to the Search engine and they review your site and accept all posts and search engine will so your post for the public. How to Submit your Blog to Search engines. Go to following link and Submit your Site.

Google- Google Search Console
Yahoo & Bing-Bing Webmaster Tools

Open the link and Sign in or Sign up and Submit your site then they will give the HTML code for verification and add the code in your website head they will so your article. This is the very powerful tool for get Traffic.

2.Comment Your Website link in to Famous Website

This is very easy way to grow your Traffic. Its means copy and paste because you are reading a good article in famous website do you like that article, First you copy your website link and comment like this <I have write article like this its have more details for this topic so this is the link go and check> so the visitors some times go and see your article.

3.Promote Ad-words/Facebook

This is will cost you, Promote your contents with Facebook or google its call paid advertisement, but its very profitable one. some famous brand or companies doing like this. But its not suitable for normal bloggers. But do you want more traffic within similar times you can choose this way.

4.Write Post Consistently

This is rule of Blogging write every day in your blog it will help you to attract your visitors to  come and check your website every day, So don't forget to write post consistently.

5.Guest Post

Add the Button in your Blog like 'Send your Article' it means the visitors article will be published in my blog with Him/Her name so the the visitor think like friendly website. So every day they will check their articles. Its will help you to Grow your audience.

By-Suvalashan Vijayanayaham

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